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Welcome to Courtenbede, home of the books of Mary Bowmaker. For whatever reason, it appears to be that there is a growing awareness and interest among people in paranormal experiences: the paranormal, perhaps manifesting in life as a Divine Presence, a guiding force, maybe thought of as the ‘unnamed something’, or the Universal Energy; to many, it will be ‘God’. People all over the world are ‘fascinated’ by it, from countries that live by their own strict, religious codes and practices, to countries that have maybe little time or thought for any form of religion. Always, the paranormal is there, as we make our way through life, for the paranormal (so called), is life: evidenced perhaps in the simplicity of a dream that turns out to be true, in the wonder of a coincidence that can be the means of changing attitudes or relationships, for the the wonder of nature, in the power of prayer.

The Reality of the Unbelievable is Mary Bowmaker’s latest book, and will enable you to prove for yourself what, deep down, you already know; your spirit is the real you; bring it to the fore, reconnect if you need to, it’s easy.

Leaning on the Invisible is a fascinating introduction to the unknown, a portal into another world which, if we fail to walk through it, leaves us immeasurably impoverished. The whole world has opened up suddenly to  become aware of a form of ‘global citizenship’ as, through the medium of the internet and other forms of media, we at last understand, and try to realise the significance and truth of the words, the Brotherhood of Man.

And just as there is a great need for harmony and peace, for a ‘healing’ in our troubled times, so too comes the desire to seek out ‘like minds’; others who share a belief in the power for ‘good’; in the comforting reassurance that we do not travel this earthly path alone. That there is a reason for everything and everything happens for a reason. So too, is the desire to share so called paranormal experiences, as through these experiences, we all gain a better understanding of the meaning of life, and of life itself.

Is Anybody There, a book about strange, unbelievable incidents that happen in every life. How do we view them? Do we say ‘imagination’, ‘coincidence’, ‘just one of those things’, or is there perhaps something more?

In this thought-provoking, self-help book of the so called ‘paranormal’, we seek to find answers to the unexplainable, and answers to the question posed in the title.

This book is not about religious dogma or creed in any shape or form.  It is about lives.  The lives of ordinary people who, for one reason or another, have been touched by this ‘unnamed something’.  It is about their experiences – experiences that could happen to any one of us at any time, in any place.

● Reality and the unbelievable

● Paranormal experience

● Universal energy

● Spirit as being